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In this page you can:

  • Candidate your Restaurant and obtain the Authentic Real Italian Restaurant Certification
  • Book your annual interactive label to place on your Restaurants front door.
  • Check the latest updates about this awesome program
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How many restaurants appear to be Italian,
but in reality their cuisine is nowhere near Italian?

Today, if you want, you can distinguish yourself from these restaurants!

Insert your restaurant in the Realia app
and let your potential customers know that your restaurant deals with authentic italian recipes.

Which are the advantages?

  • You will distinguish your Real Italian Restaurant from the competition using the Realia trademark and label
  • You will attract more and more customers which are looking for a Real Italian Restaurant in your area
  • You will give your Restaurant an active verifying system that cannot be counterfeited
  • You will grant to your customer that your restaurant is an authentic italian one
  • You will obtain more visibility thanks to our app features
  • You will allow the customers in your area to easily find you, when they are looking for an authentic Italian restaurant
  • You will receive the interactive label to place on your restaurant’s door
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How does it work?

It’s so simple!

Fill out this form and you will receive an email with the credentials to access Realia Real Italian Restaurants’ portal, where you will be able to insert all the information regarding your restaurant and its Italian peculiarities.

The contents that you will insert will all be on your restaurant’s page, which will be seen by the customers that will check the authenticity of your restaurant through the label on your Restaurant front door with Realia app.

Real Italian Restaurants How does it work

The request is subject to be reviewed by the technical committee that will value if the restaurant’s characteristics are compatible with the requirements set by the Realia’s regulations.

If your restaurant will be considered eligible, you will receive the interactive label fitted with your personal QR or NFC code to show on your Restaurant front door, so that consumers can verify that your restaurant is a Real Authentic Italian one.

Do not miss out on this opportunity!


for only 199,00 € / year

shipping included

Italian Restaurants in the World App

Take advantage of the launching phase of this excellent certification program and build your restaurant page!

In the following section you will be able to insert some preliminar info related to your restaurant.

After this form here below will be sent, you’ll receive an invitation on Realia  |  Real Italian Restaurants’ portal where you can build-up your fantastic restaurant page with all the Italian peculiarities of your structure and choose the label to place on your restaurant front door.

See you there then!

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